Who we are

Concierge Corrections is your facilities total medical expense solution. Medical costs are the most substantial expense for correctional facilities, costing millions of dollars every year. Our main goal is to save facilities money on medical costs, as well as recover money that has been spent. Many cities and counties see inmate healthcare comprise as much as one third of the corrections department budget, literally costing millions of dollars every year. Unchecked, these costs continue to rise resulting in many counties facing enormous budgetary dilemmas.

We provide a solution to reduce expensive inmate medical costs.
Imagine what your county could do with a 50% return on your medical claims!

Our main goals are to

  • Save money on medical costs
  • Recover money that has been spent
  • Regain monetary strength within your county

The services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Asset Recovery: Recover funds that have been spent out of a county‚Äôs budget for inmate medical expenses.
  • Asset Management: Managing inmate medical claims.
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager: A fully customizable pharmacy benefit program allows customers to create plans to fit their needs.
  • Pre-Release Planning: Enrolling eligible individuals into public assistance programs as a part of their pre-release planning program.

Our assortment of products, plans, and services offer customizable programs that will optimize your organizations financial performance and invoke extraordinary health results. Our relationships in health care industry allow us superior clinical experience and access to innovations in drug therapy management.

True Value, Working Solutions, and the Best Service!